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Best Vegetarian Restaurant Options in Shimla

Well, this is not an easy thing! Think of Shimla, the majority of the tourists gather stock of drinks, stash in their cars and pray that they should be able to hit Shimla escaping the vigilant Shimla Police. With this thought process, the restaurant options are largely non-vegetarian where vegetarians have to accommodate. Now, this perfectly matches with the stuff .... stashed in the CARS. How about the tourists who are hard-core vegetarians and don't even eat in restaurants with onion and garlic gravies? Such tourists are not less in number. They form a good percentage of the tourists visiting Shimla and for them finding food to their likes is a nightmare. Shimla is full of vintage restaurants run by locals. The brands have entered Shimla sundry times but sustenance is an issue due to heavy rentals. Lean periods in Shimla kill these restaurants slowly. I have seen the closure of KFC,CCD to name a few. I was talking about the Vegetarian restaurant options. There are very few on the