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Having spent 20 years in Maharashtra, it was only in 2016 when I relocated to Shimla. Though I got married to Shimla in 2002 when I found my life partner here. But most of you would agree that with the job so far off, you hardly can enjoy your own place. So it was touch & go year-over-year !! It was only after 2016, I started looking at the beauty of  Queen Of Hills , as it is popularly known. Shimla is kept clean ( thanks to authorities) and attracts tourists by the sheer pull of its natural wealth. Winters, pull the tourist because Shimla and surrounding hills get to see the snowfall. In summers, tourists throng because mercury stays pretty low as compared to the rest of the parts of the country. There is nothing man-made in this phenomenon.  The authorities in Shimla are working on various projects to make it a Smart City so that tourists get hooked to the options that the city offers in addition to its natural wealth. I am sure, it's the NATURAL WEALTH for which Shimla is t