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Shimla Struggling To Find Her Soul- The Tourists & The Buzz

Today on 1st May 2021,  I was standing near Metropol enjoying the panoramic view of going to be Smart City Shimla along with one of my friend. This location is the new location for Kamats-Original Family Restaurant,Shimla. Kamats-Original Family Restaurant had to close the operations on Mall Road due to extended lockdowns last year in July. Covid-19 is on its spread in the rest of the parts of the country and Himachal Pradesh State Govt also has imposed a lockdown on Saturday & Sunday. All the shops were closed except for the essential commodities. The roads were sparsely dotted with vehicles. The newly built multilevel parking attendants were off mood looking at the business they were pegging in the month of May. It was raining today and suddenly the mercury dipped. But still the tea vendors, maggiwalas were hunting for customers. Standing up there, I was also looking at the face of Shimla which has old buildings, some of them in a dilapidated state,unpainted- not at all face lift