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Paradigm shift from Hotels to Home stays

Pandemic has bought in this paradigm shift as there are more number of tourists looking for Homestays than Hotels. So it's basically Health Tourism which is picking up in Himachal Pradesh, more than ever before. What pushes this demand further is the requirement “work-from-home “!! The requirement is for Homestays somewhere in the valley or on the mountain range with Wi-Fi connectivity for 4-5 weeks and accommodation for a full family or group of families. Wi-Fi in the valley of the mountain range could be practically difficult to achieve. Ultimately, it's only your mobile phone HOT SPOT which you can rely upon provided signals strength is fair. All these requirements clearly indicate that it’s an arrangement for isolation at the same time, remain fully functional and connected to the rest of the world. What scares us the most nowadays is our inability to remain in touch with the rest of the world through social media. In my opinion, the following points ease you out and dr