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How can we plan budget trip from Delhi to Shimla for 2 for 2-3 days?

  Shimla is undoubtedly beautiful and beyond this famous tourist place, towards the Apple valley, is enchanting at the same time adventurous too. 2-3 days won’t suffice for what I call “ Beyond Shimla”. Logically budget trip to Shimla has to be arranged in Off-Season only . Planning a budget trip to Shimla is easy with the availability of the ample number of Homestays/B&B’s. Homestays generally are approved by HP Tourism Dept and will have a minimum of 3 rooms in a specific property, whereas B&B’s will have 5-6 rooms. B&B’s are approved by the Center Govt under the B&B Scheme launched nationwide to enhance the village/ecotourism. The planning starts with several questions like How to go? Where to stay? Where to eat ?.. to be answered. Budget Transport- For two, if the plan is to travel by road using your own vehicle then I don’t think it's going to be a budget trip. If you love driving- this is the best way !! The drive is going to be arduous because the hill d