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Drive from Shimla to Rampur Bushehar

I always feel the traveler has to be whimsical. The moment thought comes to your mind, pick up your vehicle, gather companions, and get-set-go !!

My family demanded an outing, and I thought let's go for a drive. While taking the car out from the parking lot, I asked my wife," Which way, right or left ?".Well, we headed towards a left-way to Kufri, Narkanda, Rampur, Sarahan. The destination set was Sarahan, Bhimakali temple. On the way, we passed through Kufri, Kaithu, Theog, Narkanda, Kumarsain. 

Somewhere near Theog

By the time we reached Kumarsain, it was late afternoon and we were famished. We didn't get any decent place en route. HP Tourism restaurant at Narkanda was blocked due to snowfall, and we didn't want to climb the curled knolls formed by the snow cutter. 

Lucky us, we got " Happy Bhojnalya " near Kumasain. I could spot a ladder to reach the terrace of the restaurant. I decided to request the owner to set our lunch on the terrace which he agreed to. The menu was the "Default Menu" of all the Bhojnalya's - Dal, Kadhi, Dry Veg/Mix Veg, Rice and Chapatis. While on a journey, we all prefer Kadhi. I don't know the reason but it keeps your mood okay and your stomach light for long journeys. From the terrace, we were able to see the snow-capped mountains, the gorge through which we imagined the mighty Sutlej flowing. To see the river flowing we were to go a few kilometers more. I was curious because I knew; now my daughters won't forget the name of this very river when asked in the History exam. Seeing is believing !!

We were done with our lunch, and now the further journey was down the hill from an elevation of 1762m to 1021m, to district HQ Rampur Bushehar. As we crossed Kingle , Sutlej started showing up through the gorge. I was surprised to see the impression engraved on the banks of the river indicating how much it gets swollen. The river divides Shimla & Mandi districts. We collected beautiful river stones from a site under excavation. Later I found, these river stones are sold on Amazon for 10-15 $ a pack. Here it will depend upon you, how much you can carry to save a few dollars. It's all available for free to ornate your lawns/planters.

River Stones for free

Further, we hit Rampur Bushehar, Padam palace standing prominently as a testimony of time. The palace is the private property of Raja Vir Bhadra Singh, six times Chief Miniter of Himachal Pradesh. Not to be compared with the sprawling palaces of Rajasthan, this palace has its own beauty of wooden carvings.

Padam palace

Since we were now late to travel back to Shimla all the way, we decided to see our relatives on the way. It was, no doubt, a good decision. The next morning, after having a good breakfast, we started back to Shimla.

Conclusion -

After having tried this we were now fresh to take on our respective chores. Drive through mountains is always exciting, unlike the drive-in plains which go monotonous. We will have to try this again as we could not touch Sarahan which was my target destination. 

This route is worth giving a try. 

I am sure you would love it. 



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