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Visiting Shillong in Meghalya & Shimla in Himachal Pradesh

We both, me & my wife were left awestruck by the Arial view of Guwahati Airport popularly known as Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. Vast wetland and it seemed like a huge playground of which the airstrip was a part. We were heading to Shillong & I was supposed to take up an assignment there for two years. It was a temporary deputation. I was told Meghalaya is beautiful among all the seven sister states and it's Hilly. I was quite excited to spend these two years in the hill state because of my origin from the Hill State Himachal Pradesh, which I was missing since 1992. The journey along with my six months old daughter from Guwahati to Shillong was so good that it's still fresh in my memory. The Sharp green vegetation around & clean serpentine roads free from potholes did surprise me a lot. I don’t think many of us would hold a high opinion about these states when it comes to their infrastructure being so good. But it was contrary to what we thou

Hotel Hot Springs & Heath Care At Nature's Jacuzzi , Tattappani ,Shimla

Hot Springs in Himachal Pradesh- Himachal Pradesh has been bestowed with the Hot Water Springs at multiple locations, Vishashta & Manikarna in Kullu District and Tattappani in Mandi District. I have spent some time of my childhood in a small village Jaa , near Jari which was considered as big place that time. Further you go , you hit Kasol which was a virgin forest land , presently a famous small Irish Town (for not so good reasons).We used to pass through these place en-route to Manikarna. I still remember, the egg like smell filling the whole environment as you enter Manikarna  and rice pots immersed in hot water pools securely. Tattapani is another famous place for Hot Water Springs.Back in 1980 when we used to visit the place, it was just a place encashing on the wondrous ooze from the mother earth. Tourism had a lackluster approach which is kind of usual of them. To my surprise , in 2019 when I visited Tattapani again, it was a different place. There was resort called Sandh