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Top 4 Hotels Near Lift In Shimla ,Mall Road

This is in continuation to my earlier article "Finding The Right Place To Stay in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh". In this article I will be writing about Top 4 Hotels that I think are the best from the location ,accessibility point of view. These Hotels in Shimla qualify all the pre-requisites for perfect trip to Shimla.

Hotel Combermere 

This Hotel has got the best of location in terms of accessibility to the property and to Heart of the City- Mall Road & Ridge.In a recent development, Shimla had its first multilevel parking space near the HP Tourism Lift , and both these facilities are next to Hotel Combermere. I have been recommending this Hotel for a reason that it is damn easy to get to the Heart of the City(Mall Road & Ridge) from this Hotel. The Hotel boasts of the valet service and car parking , you are only required to  get  inside the hotels lift having climbed a few stairs so as to reach your room.

                                             Hotel Combermere Logo

The top floor of the Hotel where you have “CAFÉ & LOUNGE named SOL”, a terrace restaurant, levels up with Mall Road and generally marks the beginning of your walk across the iconic Mall Road.  When you are stood on the Mall Road , you will be able to spot the Christ Church which in fact is the Ridge Level.

You will come across age old Bakeries , which generally are the found in every Hill Station for the reasons unknown – at least I don’t know !! There are thrift shops on the valley side and further you go , you hit the entry point for Lower Bazaar on to the left . Right you choose, you stay on Mall Road and head towards the Scandal  Point where Lala Lajpat Rai statue stands installed since decades.

Along the Mall Road there are Restaurants like Shere-e-Punjab,Nalini, Jashan, 45-Central ,Ashiyana RestaurantKamats- Original Family Restaurant,  which is part of the largest Vegetarian Restaurant chain from Mumbai, popularly known as Vithal Kamats, Indian Coffee House and Devicos to name the prominent ones. Among these only Kamats & Nalini are Pure Vegetarian Restaurants. Dominos is also available near Scandal Point for the Pizza Lovers.

Accommodation & Pricing -

Hotel Combermere provides the Business center facilities including the Secretarial Services. I have noticed the Company Recruitment process taking place in their Business Centers and  Banks holding their important Business Meetings. All because of its being located so beautifully and services up to the mark. Here under are the types of rooms-

  • Luxury Room (Price Range From Rs 8200- 12600) for ( EP/CP/MAP/AP)
  • Combermere Luxury Rooms (Price Range From Rs 9000-13400) for ( EP/CP/MAP/AP)
  • Luxury Suite ( Price Range From Rs 10500-14900) for ( EP/CP/MAP/AP)
  • Combermere Suite( Price Range From Rs 11000 - 15400) for ( EP/CP/MAP/AP)
  • Executive Suite ( Price Range From Rs 14000-22000) for ( EP/CP/MAP/AP)
Of course the pricing varies with the season/off-season.


Hotel  Willow Banks

If you go by reviews of this Hotel , most of them have talked about the location of the Hotel. Rightly so, the Hotel Willow Banks is right on the Mall Road, close to Tourism Lift towards the right side. The Hotel is built on the a heritage estate that was owned by James Craddock Jr, who is known as the “ Architect & Builder of Shimla".

Hotel Willow Banks, Mall Road

The Hotel has two eateries –Café Shimla Times and Eighteen 71 Cookhouse & Bar. The Café Shimla Times has open terrace overlooking the spread of Shimla City, and beautiful sunset can be enjoyed if you are here at the right time. As far as I know, this is the only place where you can enjoy regular Live Music on Saturdays & Sundays evenings.

Hotel Willow Banks

Hotel Willow Banks

Those who have stayed here have posted good opinion about the food being served in the Hotel. Just at the front , while entering the reception there is live kitchen and one can spot the wood fired oven and Chefs attired in white with their Chef Caps which gives a good feel and creates an indelible impression. There is Spa available for complete rejuvenation that one could expect while in Himalayas.


Accommodation & Pricing -

The Types of rooms available are -

  • Super Deluxe Rooms with Valley view and standing balcony ( EP Plan Only; Rs 7299)

  • Interconnected Family Rooms( EP Plan Only;Rs 12980/-)

  • Premium Rooms with Kitchenette ( EP Plan Only;RS 7499)

  • Premium Rooms ( EP Plan only; Rs 7399)

Booking link - 


Hotel  Oberoi Clarkes

This Hotel belongs the renowned Oberoi Group Of Hotels and epitomizes that the honesty pays and it pays in a big way. How Mr Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi joined in this very Hotel as front Desk Clerk and went on to become the Owner of the Hotel which belonged to Mr Ernet Clarke. It seems he could not even pay the total sum asked to take the ownership. The money was paid in installments to get the ownership of the Hotel.

Oberoi Clarkes Hotel

Its a Landmark and Heritage Hotel which is easily accessible from the Mall Road and High Court link road. Though the vehicular movement from Mall Road is restricted, entry of the vehicle is always from High Court side. Not much of land space available around , but the Hotel has its own parking space.

Oberoi Clarks Frontal Look

High Court Side View

The Hotel maintains the colonial standards till date and exterior of the Hotel in Gray & White texture looks magnificent. It is an experience to live in Oberoi Clarkes, Shimla because in our day-to-day & ultra busy life , there is hardly any time to treat ourselves so royally.

Accommodation  –

  • Premier Rooms ( Rs 10500/-)
  • Suites ( Rs 13000/-)
  • Superior Rooms ( Rs 9000/-)
  • Deluxe Rooms ( Rs 9500/-)


Hotel  Marina

Hotel Marina from my point of view is at the beginning of the Mall Road. Hotel is located in Shimla such that nature full of Pine & Cedar trees is just close. The smoky exterior of the Hotel blends with the surroundings and does not appear odd out there. The property has been built nicely and is neat as a new pin.

Hotel Marina_Logo

The Hotel proudly calls itself a Boutique Hotel. Now, what the difference between a Luxury and Boutique Hotel ? Have you ever visited the boutique for apparels & accessories? When you think of Boutique ,you assume the creation you are likely to buy is going to exquisite and unique. On the similar lines the term “ Boutique Hotel” has been coined. So those who are bored with the usual settings of Hotels might find "Boutique Hotels" interesting. You can read more on Boutique Hotels using the  link given here-

I found, Hotel Marina matching this specification. However, much would depend upon the taste of the individuals. Definitely, you won’t get disappointed. The Hotel is easily accessible and has ample parking space.

Dine & Drink -

The Hotel has three eateries –

  • Hill Edge Restaurant
  • Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar
  • Open Garden Restaurant

Accommodation & Pricing-

The Hotel has three types of rooms –

  • Deluxe Rooms ( EP 10800/-, CP 12300/-)
  • Superior Rooms ( EP 11800/-, CP 13300/-)
  • Executive  room ( EP 12800/-, CP 14300/-)


The Hotel is located on the threshold of the Mall Road. One should indulge in Morning Walk, LEFT you choose you follow the Mall Road and RIGHT you go ,you are taking the route to Chota Shimla where there is Secretariat of Govt Of Himachal Pradesh, Raj Bhavan & CM Banglow.


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