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Top 4 Hotels Near Lift In Shimla ,Mall Road

This is in continuation to my earlier article " Finding The Right Place To Stay in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh ". In this article I will be writing about Top 4 Hotels that I think are the best from the location ,accessibility point of view. These Hotels in Shimla qualify all the pre-requisites for perfect trip to Shimla. -HOTEL 1- Hotel Combermere  This Hotel has got the best of location in terms of accessibility to the property and to Heart of the City- Mall Road & Ridge.In a recent development, Shimla had its first multilevel parking space near the HP Tourism Lift , and both these facilities are next to Hotel Combermere. I have been recommending this Hotel for a reason that it is damn easy to get to the Heart of the City(Mall Road & Ridge) from this Hotel. The Hotel boasts of the valet service and car parking , you are only required to  get  inside the hotels lift having climbed a few stairs so as to reach your room.                                        

Dining Menu for Bombay Bites(B-Sqaure) Restaurant , Pure Vegetarian Restaurant ,Opposite Lift Parking,Metropolis- Shimla

Welcome !!  You are about to browse through Shimla's one of the best vegetarian & authentic South Indian restaurant. Bombay Bites was formerly known as Kamats. Ours is a most reasonably priced restaurant. More About  Restaurant -   Bombay Bites, B-Square as the customers love to call this restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant. It is a pure veg restaurant to the core as we proudly serve jains too, who epitomize the highest standard of veganism. The restaurant is managed and owned by The Femme Hospitalities LLP who set up the first Kamats, Original Family Restaurant in Himachal, in Shimla. In a way, B-Square was formerly known as Kamats until the franchisee was given up in Jun 2021. B-Square has hosted thousands of tourists and groups while meeting the highest standards of hygiene and quality food. South Indian and Bombay street food is our forte and while dining here you would feel that instantly.  The Restaurant also caters to - Group Dining Corporate Dining Birthday Pa