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Finding The Right Place To Stay in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla , capital of Hill State of Himchal Pradesh, the erstwhile colonial capital city is situated on seven hills needs no mention or formal introduction. Shimla is preferred destination of tourists from all across the country i.e domestic tourists and good number of international tourists as well.

For tourists, generally the biggest difficulty is to decide the Hotel/Lodge for ones stay at Shimla. I thought it would be apt to propose the Best Places to stay while at Shimla which might make your trip to Shimla unforgettable.

Let  your stay be anywhere , Mall Road and Kufri visits are a must. You can’t go back home without having struck off these destinations from the list. I have had many occasions when the tourists have lodged themselves at Hotel Radisson Jass which is situated down the hill and they would wish to stroll on Mall Road after sumptuous dinner. That’s a very good idea but hard to realize. Especially when you are with family or a Group, this is possible only if you are ready to walk up the hill which is possible only during summers.

During winters , when Shimla is covered with snow this climbing up and climbing down requires extra skill because you would never be able to make out and you may lie flat on frost hardened snow.
So if intend to go for stroll post dinner , the stay arrangement should be somewhere on the Mall Road. Having done that you are free to come out any time and walk along the long stretch of Mall Road or Ridge, High Ground in front of iconic Christ Church.

I don’t think, its easy to really plan so well. While looking for lodging options, the most dominant factor is the budget .What price your are getting the room for ? Location takes the back seat.  Very often, during the peak season you might not get the location that you thought would be ideal to make your trip memorable. We have seen people sleeping in their cars during the new year as the rooms in Shimla  fell short. Here is the simplified layout of Mall Road - 

Considering  the given layout the “Heart of the City Shimla” , which it is beyond all doubts, I will be suggesting lodging options in this series of Articles.

Conclusion - 

Its of paramount importance to decide the location of your stay at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. One should be ready to walk a lot because public transport is not allowed on Mall Road & Ridge. Therefore, if the family involves the senior citizens it become all the more important to choose location closer to the point where you normally would disembark. Hotel would always advertise saying that they are situated closer to Mall Road or Ridge or Christ Church. That won't be true always. 

Feel free to contact me for the clarifications on Shimla tour/Food Solutions on 9637658158. I am not a travel agent for a change but a hospitality enthusiast who loves to see the trips ending in smiles.


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