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Coronised Countries , Economy & Stooping Powers

While writing this article , monstrous COVID-19 is going strong targeting humans & taking their lives. The blame game is ON, as to who is to be held responsible for the spread of this deadly virus. Who says the Super Power can not be brought to their knees.

This reminds me of an episode from Indian mythology, Mahabharta when Lord Hanuman transformed himself to an old & frail monkey and intentionally blocked powerful Bhima by laying his long tail in his way. Bhima, who had turned an egotist by then, told the Old Monkey to clear his way by withdrawing his tail back. Old Monkey tells Bhima that he is tired and he can move ahead by putting his tail aside.

Bhima tried doing this , though angrily because it was kind-of  lowering his  self esteem. Oh my God !! Don't tell me that he could not lift the tail. Yes, That's true, most powerful Bhima could not even move the tail. Reason- egotism and it was the time to level that up. And Lord Hanuman wanted to do that so that Bhima remains as powerful as always.

Exactly, the same is the situation of  Super Power , Five Eyes and so on . So called Superpower and various other countries have exhibited the whole world their might in succumbing to more powerful COVID-19. I am sure the world has learnt what was overdue to be learnt.

The GLOBAL ECONOMY is  dashed to ground , however in this bleak economic scenario there are new riches being formed and celebrated riches loosing the firm ground. Take an example of 49-year-old , Eric Yuan , the founder and CEO of Video conferencing startup Zoom Technologies , Inc whose net worth has jumped 112% to $ 7.57 billion in past three months. Even the best schools in India are using ZOOM for their online classes, let alone the Corporate Sector.

That's ok and its bound to be that way. There will be gainers and looser in any given situation. Looser will survive, if they have build the assets. Business segment may fail or cripple, however if the businesses are standing on the assets than the liabilities & debt , the fall is not going to be much deeper.

Now, talk about environment. So many conferences, Copenhagen ; but it is the lock-down due to COVID-19 that has done the job. Its understood that the members from all the countries present discussing the Global Warming/Climate Change would have never thought of worldwide lock-down. Remember Himalaya being seen from Jalandhar/Pathankot in Punjab which caught the headlines recently. Its time to fix mandatory lock-downs for the Mother Earth to heal at regular intervals.

We have much more to learn from this pandemic effect !! 


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