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Agenda/ Motives For Vacations At Shimla

I interact closely with tourists in Shimla, most of the time in my Restaurant & Homestay. I always wonder , having landed in Shimla they often would ask me about places to visit as if they have run short of spots to visit & sometimes pass very typical remarks - "apart from climbing up & down these stairs ,what else do we have in Shimla". It looks like most of the tourists are not clear about their agenda of vacations. Each tourists place is different and has got its own charm and I strongly feel that the choice of tourists destination should match with the agenda of vacations. Let’s talk about agenda or motive for vacations at Shimla. I strongly believe that in order to enjoy Shimla the most, one should posses clear agenda or motives. I have listed the motives below(C ourtesy: Norzalita Abd Azi z, University Kebangsaan Malaysia)who had already done research on this aspect and did match with what I had in my mind to share with travelers around - A: : “Explorati