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Travelling for free from Delhi to popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh

Well, one can reach places by hitchhiking.  Did you know this? They say, by tradition when one solicits a ride by standing on the edge of the road, from the traffic moving by making a gesture like- one's thumb extended/upwards, it's called hitchhiking. This reminds me of the hitchhiking technique shown in Pooja Bhatt and Aamir Khan starrer " Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin" in the year 1991. I won't recommend Pooja Bhat style of hitchhiking.  😄 This was some fun intended! Hitchhiking from Delhi to Manali or any tourist destination in Himachal is not all that difficult. The best part of this route is the heavy traffic on this route. The route, at least, up to Chandigarh is flooded with many options from cars, tempos, lorries, tractors etc. One might face problems beyond Chandigarh. Here are some of the hitchhikers audio-visuals to get inspired from- 1st - Shubham Kumar,a  young boy from a normal background, who  visited 18 countries in a span of just 2 years. His story is
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Food & Beverages that you must enjoy while on a trip to Himachal

Himachal Pradesh has a wide range of uniqueness in traditional fermented food made of cereal, pulses, and milk. Most of these items are cooked by boiling, smoking, roasting, and frying. The traditional fermented foods in Himachal are largely probiotic,such as seera,bhaturu,jhol,chaang etc. Within the state itself, one can find local variation due to the pattern of food production and altitude where the people live. For instance, the region of Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur people consume products having millets, barley, buckwheat as the main substrate, while in lower areas of the state  i.e Mandi, Kangra, Hamirpur, Bilaspur people prefer rotis made of wheat  or maize flour  and rice. Babroo and Bhaturu are fermented products(Rotis) made up of wheat flour. I still remember the ladies sharing Malera ( traditional inoculum( which used to be added to the dough) followed by a considerable length of resting period. If you tear Bhaturu apart, it will have ticker & thinner parts. As a

Shimla Struggling To Find Her Soul- The Tourists & The Buzz

Today on 1st May 2021,  I was standing near Metropol enjoying the panoramic view of going to be Smart City Shimla along with one of my friend. This location is the new location for Kamats-Original Family Restaurant,Shimla. Kamats-Original Family Restaurant had to close the operations on Mall Road due to extended lockdowns last year in July. Covid-19 is on its spread in the rest of the parts of the country and Himachal Pradesh State Govt also has imposed a lockdown on Saturday & Sunday. All the shops were closed except for the essential commodities. The roads were sparsely dotted with vehicles. The newly built multilevel parking attendants were off mood looking at the business they were pegging in the month of May. It was raining today and suddenly the mercury dipped. But still the tea vendors, maggiwalas were hunting for customers. Standing up there, I was also looking at the face of Shimla which has old buildings, some of them in a dilapidated state,unpainted- not at all face lift

Are You Planning to Visit Himachal Pradesh Around 16th APRIL 2021 Onwards Then You Must Read This.

Himachal Pradesh generally experiences a good footfall of tourists during the summer season starting from 15th April onwards up to mid-July. Then what's is that which is worrying the State Government? It's the rising cases of Covid-19 across the country and the entry of Covid-19 affected people as tourists to the hill state.  Government is in fix to mill  the revenue generated during the tourist season or protect their state from the Covid-19 effect. It is a typical choice to make for a state which relies upon tourism to a great extent. However, to curb the sharp surge in the Covid-19 cases in the state of Himachal Pradesh, CM Jairam Thakur (on 11 Apr 21) said that an advisory would be issued that the people of the following states need to carry out RT-PCR negative report while visiting Himachal Pardesh- Punjab Delhi Maharashtra Gujrat Karnataka Rajasthan & Utterpradesh This advisory would be applicable from 16 April  21 onwards.  Tourists planning to visit Himachal Pradesh

Stay in Victorian & Scottish Cottages of Shimla British Resort

You can listen to the Audio instead - Click here The old Villa, ' Glen Urquhart' situated about a kilometer from the Kennedy House on the way to Annadale has a glorious past. Just happened to visit the historic property in Shimla. I had heard a lot about this property but could not make it for the last five years. Let me just give you a glimpse of the property. This Victorian period Villa is amidst tall conifers, popularly known as 'Glen' in the early days, and now as ' Shimla British Resort'.  Mr. Ajay Goel, the owner has been constantly working to restore this Villa and preserve this historic building. The property changed many hands before Mr. Ajay Goel could lay hands on this property from a Delhi-based person. The property was built in 1893 by a Britisher who had two wives, one Scottish and the other British. To keep both of them happy, the British owner built two separate cottages, one in Victorian Style & the other in Scottish fashion.   After restora

About 'Nati' - A popular Folk Dance of Himachal & how to learn 'Nati" ?

Each state in India has the folk dance(s) which can be even called the community dance. Large gatherings or sometimes a sizeable group of people perform these folk dances. Earlier the performances used to be on some special occasions; wedding, celebrating good harvest! Anything that is synchronously performed by large groups catches attention and Nati is one such folk dance form prevalent in Himachal Pradesh & Uttrakhand. Kinnauri Nati Dress(Credit:Pintrest) It's a matter of pride for the state of Himachal Pradesh that Nati performed during Dussehra in Kullu by 8540 women on 7 Oct 2014, had set Limca World Record. Later, on 26 Oct 2015, 9892 women dancers went on to set a higher record, Guinness World Record.                 Nati Flash Mob @ Ellante Mall, Chandigarh Since Himachal Pradesh is a tourism-dependent state and Nati is being used extensively to amuse the tourists to make trips memorable. All major resorts/hotels have the Nati performance planned for their guests.  Kul

Paradigm shift from Hotels to Home stays

Pandemic has bought in this paradigm shift as there are more number of tourists looking for Homestays than Hotels. So it's basically Health Tourism which is picking up in Himachal Pradesh, more than ever before. What pushes this demand further is the requirement “work-from-home “!! The requirement is for Homestays somewhere in the valley or on the mountain range with Wi-Fi connectivity for 4-5 weeks and accommodation for a full family or group of families. Wi-Fi in the valley of the mountain range could be practically difficult to achieve. Ultimately, it's only your mobile phone HOT SPOT which you can rely upon provided signals strength is fair. All these requirements clearly indicate that it’s an arrangement for isolation at the same time, remain fully functional and connected to the rest of the world. What scares us the most nowadays is our inability to remain in touch with the rest of the world through social media. In my opinion, the following points ease you out and dr